Barefoot Contessa Book Signing

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I had my ticket for Ina Garten’s November book signing in July so I should have been prepared.

I was not.

I thought getting to the book signing half an hour early was plenty of time to get in line to meet my favorite celebrity chef.

It was not.

My plan was to get my cookbook signed and then go to lunch with my former co-worker John. Instead, he got to wait in line with me for more than an hour to meet a chef he had never heard of before. He was such a trooper. I should have known that I was not the only person in Houston who likes Ina Garten. I do think I was the youngest person who wanted to meet her though. After we wound our way through the Sur la Table store to the table where she was signing her newest cookbook, “Foolproof,” she thanked us for coming and turned to the next person in line. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to ask her anything, but it was understandable considering how many people came to see her. I did get to chat with her assistant Barbara, who was very sweet. I still think she’s as fabulous as ever and think of her as an old friend whenever I have her cookbooks open in the kitchen.


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