My garden is a pumpkin patch

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A couple months ago, my husband, our dog and I moved into our first house. The backyard has a garden that once had been used to grow things, but it had been neglected and wasn’t growing anything but dead grass. Someone had also thrown a dried out pumpkin into the garden space. I love cooking with fresh herbs and I was excited about attempting to grow my first garden. I pulled out all of the dead foliage, threw away the pumpkin and my husband helped me turn the soil. I bought potting soil and garden soil, which I added to the garden before planting my herbs. I had been growing mint, oregano and chives on our apartment balcony before we moved into our house, which I transplanted into the garden. I also planted parsley, cilantro, sage, rosemary, Thai basil, sweet basil, two types of thyme and two heirloom tomato plants. The garden looked great and I left enough room between rows so I could walk through the garden to water and give the plants enough room to grow. What seemed like moments later, I started noticing numerous sprouts popping up among my herbs. My boss, who has quite the green thumb, told me they looked like watermelon or pumpkin seedlings. I then realized that the pumpkin that had been tossed aside into the garden had germinated and was now growing all over my new garden. I decided to leave some of the sprouts to see what would happen. The pumpkins have now taken over the entire garden and have started to grow fruit. I’m worried that some of my other plants are going to suffer, but it’s so exciting to see the plants grow. My tomato plants are doing really well too and have started to show their fruit.


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