Misery Loves Co., Winooski, VT

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On our way to Portland, Maine, we stopped at a restaurant in Winooski, Vermont called Misery Loves Co. We were told that we wouldn’t be disappointed. We had their Filthy Fries, meaty bits, parmesan and herbs and the PB&J, pork belly, tomato jam and arugula. The pork belly was great, but my favorite part of the sandwich was the tomato jam. I scooped up the jam that fell out of the sandwich with what was left of my bread. So delicious.


L’Amante Ristorante, Burlington, VT

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L’Amante was one of three restaurants that I researched and made reservations for our East Coast trip. The New York Times Travel Section wrote about L’Amante in an article called “36 Hours in Burlington, VT.”

“If one were to take Tuscany and add a splash of Vermont, the result would be this hearty yet crunchy menu,”Katie Zezima wrote in her article.

We started with the Squash Blossom Fritters, stuffed with Taleggio cheese and drizzled with local honey and truffle oil. We also shared an order of their Penne Bolognese. I had the Roasted Duck with sweet potato puree and broccoli rabe and balsamic. My husband had the Grilled Hanger Steak with polenta fries and grilled asparagus with a red wine reduction. I loved everything we ate. I don’t usually like polenta, but I was sneaking bites off of my husband’s plate.

We ended the meal with the Crème Brulee.

Penny Cluse Cafe, Burlinton, VT

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Breakfast at Penny Cluse Cafe in Burlington, Vermont – this may be the best breakfast I’ve ever had. I realize that’s a bold statement, but the food at this breakfast joint is bold and full of flavor. I had the Penny Cluse breakfast plate, two eggs any style, homefries and biscuits with herb cream gravy. I added Penny Cluse Pork Sausage to my meal and ordered my eggs over easy. Wow. The combination of the runny eggs with the herb cream gravy and biscuits, the sausage and the potatoes was delicious. I ate everything on my plate and am still thinking about that breakfast. My husband had the Griddled Egg and Cheese Sandwich with ham and loved it.

Would you like some salt with your steak?

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Our first night in Burlington, Vermont was my husband’s birthday. We had plans to go to L’Amante the next night and my husband really wanted a steak so we headed to EB Strong’s Prime Steak House on Church Street. When we walked into the restaurant, we witnessed an unruly, intoxicated customer tell his waitress that she deserved a $5 tip on a $100 plus tab. As we were waiting to be seated, the customer punched my husband in the arm as he exited. The host apologized to us as he brought us to our table. We placed our drink order and dinner order and before our food started to arrive the waitress brought over two different kinds of salt for the table, which I found interesting because the whole meal, in my opinion, lacked salt. We started with Fried Calamari with a roasted tomato and cilantro dipping sauce. I have never had calamari sticks before. The dish needed salt but I did enjoy the roasted tomato dipping sauce. My favorite part of the meal was my salad – The Classic Chopped, avocado, petit poi, crispy onion, crispy poached egg and white balsamic. While the salad lacked salt, the textures were very enjoyable. We both had the Filet Mignon, with roasted garlic mashed potato, crispy onion, demi glace. The steak was perfectly cooked but we both had to sprinkle our steaks with salt from the table.

It’s Fall on the East Coast

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It’s fall on the East Coast which means the leaves are starting to turn colors and farmers are selling fresh apple cider on the side of the road. We drove nearly 1000 miles around the East Coast this week and stopped at a farm stand on the side of the road as we were leaving Woodstock, NY. In addition to hot apple cider, and jugs of freshly pressed apple cider they had mason jars filled with every kind of preserve imaginable as well as endless fresh produce.

Catskill Mountain Pizza Company, Woodstock, NY

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After driving four-and-a-half hours to see Big Pink, the house where Bob Dylan and The Band recorded their album, The Basement Tapes, in Saugerties, New York, we stopped in at the Catskill Mountain Pizza Company in Woodstock for a slice of pizza. I really had no expectations for the place – I was just hungry and wanted something to eat. The pizza was actually very good. I had a slice of white pizza with figs, rosemary, blue cheese and roasted red onions and a slice of margarita pizza. My husband had their special for the day – a humongous slice of cheese pizza with a Coke for $5.

Legal Sea Foods, Boston, MA

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After taking in a Red Sox game and enjoying some Fenway Franks, we walked four miles to Legal Sea Foods on the Long Wharf. We had a great walking tour of Boston and then we had a fantastic meal at Legal Sea Foods. Our waiter was excellent and had a great Boston accent. We started with Wellfleet Oysters, then moved on to New England Clam Chowder before our main courses arrived. I had the Seafood Casserole, with shrimp, lobster, scallops, whitefish and cheese baked with sherry garlic butter. My husband had a baked lobster stuffed with shrimp and scallops.