Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room, Portland, ME

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Our first night in Portland, Maine we really wanted to have seafood on the water. We stayed at the Pomegranate Inn and one of the employees gave us several recommendations for good seafood and said that Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room had recently opened and was owned by a guy that had several other restaurants in Portland so it should be great. We sat outside on the water even though the rest of their guests stayed inside. We really wanted to soak up as much of the Atlantic as we could while we were there. Our waitress was great and gave us several recommendations on where we could go hear live music after dinner. We started our meal with the Scallops ‘n Bacon, which are usually served over fish chowder, but the night we ate there they were served over a fluffy sweet potato puree with bacon lardons decorating the perimeter of the plate. We also ordered an appetizer from their Oyster Room, which I highly recommend because they have some very interesting items on that menu. We had Wood Oven Mussels, with bacon, garlic, ginger and creamy soy. I ordered a Lobster Roll, which was great but I decided afterwards that lobster is not my favorite type of seafood. My husband ordered the Steamed Lobster, which he devoured.


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