Unfortunately, I Would Not Recommend J’s Oyster in Portland, ME

Sometimes recommendations are not good. Unfortunately, that was the case for J’s Oyster in Portland, Maine. We asked a local record store owner where we should go for great seafood for lunch and that is how we ended up at J’s Oyster. It’s located in Portland’s Old Port and was extremely convenient because we were going Whale Watching with Odyssey Whale Watch and it was right across from the restaurant. There was a wait for lunch, which is always a good sign, but we were in a hurry to make it to our boat on time so we sat at the bar. We were given menu’s that had seen better days. I took a picture of my menu instead of my husband’s because his had what I assumed to be some kind of brown sauce stuck to the cover. We each ordered Clam Chowder, which made my stomach turn when I saw an employee take a container of chowder out of the fridge, ladle it into a bowl and put it in the microwave for two minutes. Every time someone ordered chowder they would take the container out of the fridge and microwave it. First, the thought of microwaving what I hope to be fresh clams is really revolting to me. I try to never use my microwave at home. Second, how can a restaurant that was as busy as J’s not have a big pot of chowder on a stove in the kitchen. Wouldn’t that be more efficient? I ordered a crab roll for lunch that was served with mayo on the side. Usually, a lobster or crab roll is already dressed before it makes its way onto a plate. I had to squeeze mayo from a Hellmann’s packet onto my sandwich and was unsettled with globs of mayo all over my roll. My husband ordered scallops served over noodles in a lemon butter sauce and said that he loved it.


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